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"....Dealing with aging parents can be difficult and overwhelming.

Don't go it alone! Call Abbie." 

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Word of Mouth
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“My father suffered from advanced dementia and my siblings and I were at a loss when forced to make quick, difficult decisions about his care. Abbie Vogt with Abridge Aging Life Care Management was recommended to us and she was a lifesaver! She is extremely knowledgeable about the issues of aging, the services available and the difficulties families may have navigating such emotional, critical decisions. She spent hours on the phone with various agencies, time that I didn't really have as I tried to deal with daily life with Dad. She sorted out all our options and listened to our opinions and concerns, allowing us to make informed decisions for him. The last few weeks of his life would have been traumatic and frustrating without having Abbie to coordinate with different services involved. We were able to experience quality time with Dad in his last days while she handled all the details. 


Dealing with aging parents can be difficult and overwhelming. Don't go it alone! Call Abbie. She is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable about aging life management.” 


—  Daughter in Athens

“Abbie was truly a lifesaver for us. I wasn't sure what to do about my brother's situation. We needed a go between and someone to help us find new doctors and a psychologist.

I was getting so frustrated and mentally drained. Abbie stepped in and helped us with everything. She can calm my brother and get him to think reasonably when I could not. Now we can all agree to disagree and come to a mutual agreement.

My brother really loves and trust Abbie's guidance and I sure do. Life has become more relaxing with her help!” 


—  Sister/Legal Guardian in Georgia

“My firm has been working with Abigail Vogt for almost two years now. Since adding Mrs. Vogt to our team, not only has the quality of care for our clients improved, but their families have also benefited from working with her.

Mrs. Vogt really does a fantastic job of connecting with her clients and works very hard to ensure that all of their daily needs are met.

One of her greatest assets is her ability to work with all of the various medical staff involved with our clients care to streamline any request or issue that may come up. She has great knowledge in her field and certainly makes care management look easy, keeping all parties informed with weekly updates.” 


—  Attorney and Professional Trustee

“Abbie was the right care manager at the right time for our family! In her work with my mother, Abbie was much more than a 'referral source'. She helped us understand my mother’s dementia and how to anticipate and respond to the changes.

Logistically and emotionally, the dementia road is a very tough one for families. Abbie helped us to ensure that Mom was well cared for and that we kept our 'own oxygen masks on'.

None of us can travel alone, and we are most grateful to have had Abbie as a much-needed part of the village around us!” 


—  Daughter/Power of Attorney in Georgia

“We are so grateful for the help of Abbie and her team as we work through how to provide the best care for my mother. Having a parent living in our home who has dementia can feel like a lonely journey, so it is amazing to have someone to come alongside us and provide support and very constructive ideas for us as we move forward. They are very kind and also very thorough and professional in their preparation. ” 


—  Daughter/Primary Caregiver in Athens

“Abbie and her team brought a wealth of experience and professionally assessed my friend’s needs and resources including physical, emotional, as well as monetary.  With those assessments, a comfortable and thoughtful plan was designed to address immediate issues. That plan was further designed to incorporate a time-line to handle mid and long term expectations and goals.  High priority was placed on safety including responses to situations-planned or unplanned.  The educational resources shared with us, were invaluable in learning the challenges that come with dementia. Their support was done with genuine compassion in helping their clients.” 


— Friend/Tax Accountant in Gainesville

“Abbie has been so helpful for my brother and I. I do not live in Georgia where my brother resides. He has cerebral palsy and has dramatically declined in the past two years. He has been residing at [an independent living community] for the past year and his decline has resulted in safety concerns. The community is for adults able to self-care and he is no longer able to complete all of his daily activities and required assistance. I was able to find Abbie and Abridge through another private case manager who felt Abbie was better able to   assist us. And that is exactly what she did!

My brother is on a special Medicaid program and moving him requires facilities that are approved by the state. Abbie has found a perfect board and care for my brother and he will be moving at the end of the month. The new facility is beautiful and he will be with men of similar age and physical ability. I do not know how this would have been possible without Abbie's assistance. I highly recommend her as an outstanding private case manager and will always be thankful we were able to find her and get the support my brother needs.” 

— Sister/Power of Attorney in California

“When we met Abbie, my mother’s health was in crisis, and we didn’t know where to turn for the daily support my mother would need to recover.

Abbie and her team very quickly identified a fantastic home for Mom, along with the medical experts needed to treat her condition and she even helped educate us on what resources were available to Mom to pay for her care. Today, Abbie and her team coordinate every aspect of Mom’s care, making sure that she sees the appropriate medical professionals and that her specialists are fully coordinated through her general practitioner. She personally attends doctor appointments to make sure that notes are taken and that their advice is followed. 

Most importantly, Abbie visits with mom, ensuring that she is happy and healthy. They have fun on their outings together, and Abbie brings variety and interest to Mom’s days when I can’t be there. Mom considers her a dear friend, and I consider her an extension of our family. ”


—  Daughter/Power of Attorney in New York

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