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About abridge: Aging Life Care Management

abridge: Aging Life Care Management is a nationally certified, client-focused, results motivated, holistic care management agency based in Athens, Georgia. 

Whether it's elder care coordination, special needs advocacy or caregiver coaching, we can abridge the 'to do' list by outlining steps and developing a professional team of support.

Our focus is on improving client outcomes by ensuring high quality care coordination and monitoring while promoting client autonomy.

We promote dignity, while advocating for our clients' unique wishes. 

Taking a collaborative approach, we help guide families, clients and decision makers across the bridge of difficult decisions related to age and/or disability.

We streamline the care coordination process by directing care through collaboration with local specialists.  



Let us guide the way!


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Abbie Vogt

Masters in Gerontology, Care Manager Certified, Positive Approach to Care Independent Consultant, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Owner and Managing Director

Abbie has been a certified Advanced Professional of the Aging Life Care™ Association since 2013 & is Care Manager Certified through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. In 2020 she became a Teepa Snow PAC [Positive Approach® to Care} Independent Consultant, focusing on transforming what exists into a more positive dementia care culture.

Abbie began her career working as a caregiver for the elderly & other-abled in her teens. Since then, her  professional experience in the field of aging services has placed her in numerous settings, including hospice, assisted living, dementia care, non-profit and home care administration.


She takes a creative approach when addressing her client's specific care requirements & incorporates an always flexible attitude when addressing challenges. 

She has direct experience advocating for individuals with various forms of dementia, TBI, spinal cord injury, COPD, diabetes, vision loss, mental health issues, huntington's disease, parkinsonisms, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other various movement disorders. 

She previously served as the secretary for the Southeast Chapter of the Aging Life Care™ Association and the past president of the Athens Senior Resource Network.

After growing up in Austin, Texas, she lived and worked in north central (Denton/Dallas) Texas for ten years before moving to Athens, Georgia in 2015. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, beekeeping, spending time with her animals & making flavorful meals with her husband. 

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Jasmine Wood

Masters in Social Work Candidate, Bachelors in Psychology, Certified Substance Use Counselor, CPR/AED Certified, CACTS, MindSet Certified, C-SSRS Certified, Associate Care Manager 


Jasmine was recruited to the Abridge team by the owner after she witnessed first-hand the skill and innate knowledge Jasmine has in her chosen field. She is a rising star in her profession. 

In addition to her personal history as a family caregiver, Jasmine has experience in a variety of social work related settings, including crisis intervention, counseling and inpatient nursing home environments. 

She has hands- on experiencing advocating for persons diagnosed with various forms of dementia, movement disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, nerve damage, chronic kidney disease, and patients post stroke.  

In her work with persons experiencing various mental health conditions, Jasmine focused on incorporating non-pharmacological interventions such as music therapy, cognitive activities, and emotional support while also providing resources to counselors and therapists. In addition, Jasmine has worked with medically acute patients as their advocate for both their health and quality of life concerns. She offers guidance to her clients ensuring they understand their care plans and works with families to establish support systems in place for caregiving needs. 

Jasmine first found her love of social work through the personal experience of watching her father become disabled and his progression with his condition. She saw the struggles that families face with unmediated medical and aging related concerns and wanted to provide comfort to others in similar situations. 

Like the rest of the Abridge team, Jasmine loves to travel, especially to the National Parks. She also enjoys attending concerts and watching football. She and her partner have four cats and a service dog that she says provide them with an abundance of love and energy. 

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Kimberly Britt

Masters in Social Work, Trauma-informed Certified, Professional Care Advocate 

Kimberly received her bachelor's in social work from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. followed by her master's at Barry University in Miami, FL. 


She has a wealth of experience working primarily in the medical setting as a hospital social worker and as a social worker through primary care physician offices.


Throughout her career, Kimberly has experienced a variety of challenging situations such as supporting clients experiencing mental health conditions, caregivers experiencing burnout and families struggling to navigate care for their family member who aging chronic illness. 


Kimberly focuses on using a solution-focused approach in collaboration with her fellow colleagues. She has innate empathy and provides an easy listening ear. When developing client care plans she refers to her vast knowledge on local and governmental resources to support families and clients. 


Kimberly's service area is based in Walton, Newton, Rockdale, Clarke/Oconee, Hall and Braselton areas. During her free time, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her daughter and being an amateur photographer. She is also a new cat owner. 

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Linda Kimbell

Masters in Public Health, Masters in Social Work, Bachelors in Psychology, Certified in Gerontology (NASW), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Professional Aging Life Care Consultant


Linda chose her 'encore career' after completing her 'encore degree' as a graduate of UGA's Master of Public Health program, certified in Gerontology. In this role as Care Consultant with with the Abridge team, Linda is able to build off of her extensive experience as a psychotherapist, focusing with older adults with chronic illness, and translate those skills into the field of care management. 


Her personal and professional skills allow her to provide credible translational knowledge to clinicians and older adults dealing with life transitions, by serving as the client's care consultant for healthy aging. She incorporates a person-centered approach by practicing respect for the personal values and unique priorities of our clients.


Linda is especially keen on gathering knowledge through her vast network of fellow clinicians. She identifies as a life long learner and is always open to learning new perspectives and approaches to her practice. 

Her peripheral interests include hosting community programs, facilitating special interest groups and involvement in advocacy at the policy level. 

In her free time, Linda has a very active social life and enjoys her easy living at the lake with her husband and family visitors. Linda's service area is based in Greene, Putnum, Oconee and Clarke counties. She also incorporates her service dog into appropriate visits with clients if requested. Linda is fluent in Spanish and has been involved in international programs through Habitat for Humanity.

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Traviera Harper

Masters in Social Work, Bachelors in Social Work, Professional Care Advocate


Traviera received her Bachelor's in Social Work from Georgia State University in 2017 and then completed the Advanced Standing Master's Program at the University of Georgia in 2018.


Since then she has worked in the field, hands-on with families with older adults and individuals with other abilities. She has a special passion for working with individuals with inadequate housing options. Traviera started her full time social work career at the Northeast Georgia Area Agency on Aging focusing on matching clients with local and government benefits. Her  love for working with older adults and individuals with disabilities has grown tremendously since she first started her career and she absolutely enjoys what she does.  She finds purpose in positively impacting the lives of those in need knowing that she has helped improve someone's life, even in a small way.

Traviera excels in her role as professional care advocate with Abridge since joining the team in 2024. Her professional practice is characterized by empathy, patience and a deep respect for each person she helps. 


In her free time Traviera spends time with her family in Stone Mountain and her 3 year old daughter. She enjoys exercising, reading, and traveling with friends. 


Vasiliy Mishin

Bachelors in Health Promotion and Behavior, Health Services Emphasis, Administrative Support Specialist


Vasiliy received his bachelor’s in Health Promotion and Behavior with an emphasis in Health Services from the University of Georgia. 


Vasiliy was born in Koltsovo, Russia and moved to the USA when he was 3 years old. He found himself in Atlanta, GA after moving around the Southeastern United States with his parents. He gained early experience volunteering at a hospital where he was exposed to the many issues that the healthcare system faces. Since then, he became deeply interested in medicine, administration, and public health. 


Vasiliy has always been an empathetic and caring individual that strives to promote equality in every facet of life that he encounters. During his time at the Athens Neighborhood Health Center, Vasiliy gained experience in administration and continued to develop his passion for helping others. 


During college, along with public health, Vasiliy found a passion for entrepreneurship and decentralized finance. Vasiliy pursued his dreams to be a business owner within decentralized finance and found success investing in various cryptocurrencies as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 


Vasiliy joined Abridge in December 2022 to continue his career with helping others. Vasiliy offers support to the wonderful care managers at Abridge. He takes pride in building off previous administrative processes and optimizing backend company workflow. This ensures that case managers receive effective support so they can focus on helping clients. 


In his free time, Vasiliy enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and spending time with his partner and animals. 

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