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Caregiver Coaching

Feeling the pressure and strain of family caregiving? Concerned that you may not be making the best choices for your loved one? Worried that changing care needs may create financial difficulties?

Based right here in Athens, abridge: Aging Life Care Management has a Positive Approach to Care Consultant and Certified Senior Advisor ready to offer you practical support and Caregiver Coaching:

  • A trustworthy listener who will not judge and will keep your confidences

  • Techniques on how to physically care for your loved one safely

  • Guidance that puts you and your loved one first

  • Assistance and coaching for conversations with care providers

  • Strategies for meeting your loved one’s care needs

We’re here for you – just give us a call at 706-810-3203 and find out how easy it is to relieve the pressure of caregiving.

Maude and Harold just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Several years ago, Harold was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At first, it was easy enough for Maude to keep up with his needs, but after they both turned 70 within a few weeks of each other, somehow things seemed more complicated. 

Harold’s care involves medications that must be delivered on time, every time, to best manage his symptoms, which have gotten progressively worse. Maude is still sharp and loves singing in her church choir and attending the book group she’s been in for almost 20 years, but she is now more concerned then ever about leaving Harold alone at home. 

Senior Woman Pushing Unhappy Husband In

Maude feels like some things are working well – but some things are not. She’s worried about missing Harold’s medication time, worried that he doesn’t get out enough, and when he is out, worried he might 'freeze' and fall. She wants them both to be able to stay in the home where they raised their family, but she’s starting to wonder if there might be an easier way. 

How abridge's Caregiver Coaching can help: In weekly phone calls, Maude can rely on a listening ear who understands the demands of caregiving. Maude’s Caregiver Coach can offer guidance on how to best manage her time and still find joy, even in the most intense and difficult moments. When it comes to the physical act of caregiving, Maude's coach can discuss with her safe transfers and modifications to keep both her and Harold safe while they go about their daily routine. While abridge Caregiver Coaches do not replace a counselor or LPC, they act as coach and cheerleader, listening but not judging, informing but not directing, and putting the caregiver first. 

Let us show you how to make the caregiving journey easier for you and your loved-one. 


Abbie Vogt, MS, CMC is a certified Consultant through Teepa Snow's well respected technique: PAC [Positive Approach® to Care].

“PAC Consultants provide families and agencies with awareness and knowledge- and teach skills to transform what exists into a more positive dementia care culture. Positive Approach® enhances the life and relationships of those living with brain change by fostering an inclusive, universal community.

Sheila Collins, MA, MS, CMC specializes in dementia care consulting and is an active member of the nationally accredited society of Certified Senior Advisors. Sheila has an extensive history in various professional roles in senior care industry. She has been in the field of geriatric care management for over ten years starting in 1991 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

“Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs)® have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials, and education with knowledge about aging and working with older adults. It is recommended that you verify the validity of any professional’s credentials with whom you conduct business. Be sure you completely understand what those licenses, credentials, and education signify. The CSA certification alone does not imply expertise in financial, health, or social matters. For more details visit:

Certified Senior Advisor
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