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Care Management

Are you a spouse or family caregiver? Prevented from day-to-day caregiving because you live too far away? A professional with fiduciary responsibility for seniors? Perhaps you are struggling to manage your own age-related care needs? 

If you are overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next,

abridge: Aging Life Care Management certified Elder Care Managers put your needs first:

  • Navigation through the care coordination maze

  • Planning and management of daily care details

  • Support to live where you or loved one wants to be – aging in place or coordinating a transition

  • Translation of complex medical jargon and prescription instructions

  • Management of insurance and financial support paperwork

  • Communication with distant family members

Your Elder Care Manager is here to answer your concerns – call us at 706-810-3203 and put an end to your stress and frustration.

Ethel and Norman were high school sweethearts. Together they raised four wonderful children and proudly saw them off to college, careers, and to forming their own families. Their only regret is that they all moved out of state and they don’t see them and their grandchildren nearly as much as they wish. 

About ten days ago, Ethel fell and broke her hip. After a long and confusing hospital stay, she is being sent to a rehabilitation center for several weeks. Their adult children have been rotating in and out of town to help their parents. While they knew Ethel had been doing all the driving for some time, they are surprised at how this traumatic event has made Norman’s struggles with cognition changes and memory loss more obvious. 

senior man choosing between classic and

Privately the four adult children – who are all engaged with careers and families of their own – are conferring on what should be done next. Two of them are adamant about keeping mom and dad at home, while the other two think an assisted living community is the best plan. They’ve always been close, but now the tension between them is palpable. How can they work together to determine the best way to move forward? 

How abridge: Aging Life Care Management can help: A professional Aging Life Care™ Manager (ALCM) can assess Ethel’s and Norman’s unique situation and make recommendation based on their knowledge of both medical needs and available resources in the Athens area. An accredited ALCM from abridge can engage with mom and dad, get their input, and work with the whole family to come to agreement. Once the decision is made, the ALCM monitors the situation regularly and keeps the entire family updated. Ethel and Norman have the care they need, and their adult children gain confidence and peace of mind. Let us help you and your family age well!

National Academy of Certified Care Managers

National Academy of Care Managers

Abbie Vogt and Sheila Collins are Care Manager Certified through the National Academy of Care Managers. 

"As more and more care managers appear on the health care  scene, it is of critical importance to understand what their title means and their specific role responsibilities in serving members, clients and patients.

Many of the populations to be served in health and social care environments are the most complex and challenging cases.  The care managers must be skilled, knowledgeable and competent professionals to best meet this population’s needs."

Some immediate benefits of choosing a Care Manager, Certified (CMC) include but are not limited to: greater assurance that the candidate has knowledge and skills in Care Management, a demonstrated level of professionalism and requirement to maintain continuing education. This establishes they are always up to date with the evolving healthcare profession, ensuring you have the sharpest professionals on your team. 

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