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Solo Aging & Proactive Planners

Are you an aging individual with no children or estranged family? 

Concerned about who will care for you as you age?

Do you want to be prepared for potential medical emergencies?

We provide care planning and support for solo agers who want to proactively prepare for their later years. abridge: Aging Life Care Management has a team of consultants to help you navigate care resources and identify your optimal aging plan. As professional care managers we can provide:

  •   Connection to local resources

  •   Strategic care solutions for your unique situation

  •   Crisis intervention and prevention

  •   Guidance through the healthcare maze

  •   Support with difficult decisions

  •   Medical advocacy for best quality care management

Are you looking for proactive care planning in or near Athens, Georgia?
Nationally certified and locally based – just give us a call at 706-810-3203 and find out how we can help you optimize your later years. 

James is a 75-year-old retired professor who has lived in his home for the last 20 years. While James is relatively healthy for his age, he struggles with respiratory issues and congestive heart failure. He has been considering moving to a senior living community where some of his friends reside. He was never married and had no children so now he is contemplating who will be his advocate for his aging years. He is finding that it is more difficult to navigate available resources and because of advancing age, his usual support system is dwindling. 

Luckily, James' friendly personality has gained him many friends who check in with him via phone call and provide social support. However, he is worried about the medical aspects of managing his congestive heart failure and he knows his friends cannot help with this. James began looking for a local health advocate to help him navigate medical appointments, fluctuating changes in his condition, and the overall dynamic healthcare system. James knows he wants to stay out of the hospital if possible, but he wants to know how to make that happen and what home interventions would make that possible. 

Reading a Book

James feels like he has been able to manage okay so far, but he is unsure how much longer his condition will remain stable and what that effect will have on his future living choices. He is worried he will have a health incident at home and will not be able to receive adequate healthcare in a timely manner.  Due to his concerns about aging alone, James feels it would be best to have someone local with the skills to help him navigate the current situation and proactively plan for potential emergencies.

How a•bridge's local professionals can help: Our team of local experts can help James determine the best plan for him and the most appropriate options available as he continues to advance in age. If he becomes sick, his a•bridge team will have a backup plan prepared and can advocate for him among complex care scenarios. Call us today to discuss your specific situation!


Greater National Advocates

Abbie Vogt is a member of the Greater National Advocates. 

"These caring professionals help with: 

  • Understanding a new diagnosis or complicated medical condition

  • Providing coordination and oversight for patients and families

  • Taking charge and managing medical crises or changes in health

  • Communicating with medical staff, getting answers to questions

  • Preparing for hospital discharge, finding long term care & rehab 

  • Coordinating patient transfers with hospital staff and social workers

  • Researching second opinions, qualifying clinical trials, medical travel


Overwhelmed by a Health Care Problem? You Need An Independent Patient Advocate"

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