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Special Needs Advocacy

Are you a family advocate or special needs trust administrator? A parent or guardian with a loved one under your fiduciary care? A person with other abilities looking for knowledgeable, disease-specific support?

abridge: Aging Life Care Management is the Athens-based adult advocacy you need, offering a wide variety of professional services for those 25 and older:

  • Physical, emotional, and mental health needs evaluation

  • Ongoing disease-specific care coordination

  • Family mediation

  • Unbiased court reporting

  • Navigating matrixed care to meet complex care requirements

Give us a call today at 706-810-3203 and find the care and support you can trust.

Five days after Chuck’s 40th birthday, he was struck by a delivery truck in a high-speed accident on the Athens Perimeter. After almost a year in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, Chuck was left with severely compromised vision due traumatic brain injury and wheelchair bound from a severely injured lower spinal cord. 

The delivery truck driver was found to be at fault, and Chuck received a settlement from the company. Due to his reduced capacity, his younger sister Nancy was named his legal guardian, and a special needs trust officer was found to manage the settlement funds. Nancy has been struggling to coordinate his care and find the specialized rehabilitation services he needs.

man in the wheelchair playing guitar.jpg

Although Chuck is trying to keep his spirits up, he is understandably often angry and can 'be difficult'. Adjusting to this new life, which right now feels so diminished, is frustrating. He still wants to do things his way, but Nancy has a family of her own to care for and is stretched very thin and is sometimes at a loss as to what to do next. 

How abridge Ability Advocacy Services can help: abridge's certified care managers understand the unique situation of adults with special needs. From TBI to multiple sclerosis to Parkinson’s and everything in between, abridge treats the client like an adult and works as part of the team of guardians, trust officers, and family attorneys to meet the client’s needs and wishes. With knowledge of local specialists, abridge assists clients as they orient themselves to a different, yet still satisfying, lifestyle.   

We focus on the strengths and abilities of our clients through integrative strategies to improve care outcomes.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Abbie Vogt and the team at abridge: Aging Life Care Management are among a number of preferred professional care advocates sponsored through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on behalf of their clients.


“People living with MS are sometimes faced with complex and challenging situations that threaten their ability to live independently,” said Cyndi Zagieboylo, the Society’s President and CEO. “By partnering with qualified individuals and agencies that provide case management services within local communities, we can provide people living with MS access to experts on services and resources to meet their individual needs where they live. Our mission at the Society is to help people with MS live their best lives, and helping them live independently goes a long way to achieving that goal.”

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