Geriatric care management, special needs advocacy and family caregiver support. 








Making the right decisions and coordinating healthcare services can be confusing, time-consuming and stressful.

A local Aging Life Care manager can help.

abridge: Aging Life Care Management provides comprehensive assessment, care coordination and advocacy to ensure safety and quality care for your loved one…and peace of mind for you.

Coronavirus Caregiver Support

Worried about your elderly loved one's exposure risk to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Feeling overwhelmed with care for a vulnerable elder or someone with special needs in midst of the coronavirus epidemic?

Concerned that your elderly loved one's current living arrangement is not safe?

We provide elder care and special needs support, a•bridge: Aging Life Care Management has a team of care consultants to help you navigate care resources and identify solutions to keep everyone safe.


Legal guardian, power of attorney or trustee

Are you a professional advocate, guardian, or special needs trust administrator with an individual under your fiduciary care? 


Your abridge care manager can assist with professional needs evaluation, ongoing care coordination, mediating family dynamics and navigating disease specific challenges.



“We are so grateful for the help of Abbie and her team as we work through how to provide the best care for my mother. Having a parent living in our home who has dementia can feel like a lonely journey, so it is amazing to have someone to come alongside us and provide support and very constructive ideas for us as we move forward. They are very kind and also very thorough and professional in their preparation. ” 

—  Daughter/Primary Caregiver in Athens