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Geriatric Care Management, Disability Advocacy and Family Caregiver Support. 


Making the right decisions and coordinating healthcare services can be confusing, time-consuming and stressful.

A local Aging Life Care manager can help.

abridge: Aging Life Care Management provides comprehensive assessment, care coordination and advocacy to ensure safety and quality care for your loved one…and peace of mind for you.

Farmer and Son
Father and Son

I'm so glad we found Abridge. Abbie seems to be an expert in everything we need. It's such a relief to have her help, especially since I don't live in the same town as Dad.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Abbie Vogt, MS, CMC, PAC-C is a nationally certified Independent Consultant through the Positive Approach® to Care curriculum, developed by leading dementia expert and trainer, Teepa Snow. 


Techniques built on the PAC methodology focus on transforming what care currently exists into a more positive dementia care culture. The PAC techniques integrate brain facts with experience to approach caring for persons with brain change more positively. 

Through personalized consultations, your local Athens PAC- Consultant will help you learn how to implement techniques and coping skills for caring for those experiencing brain change. 

Contact us to learn more about consultations for families and for professional caregivers. 


Long-Distance Family Caregiver

If you are an out-of-state family member worried about the safety and well-being of your loved one, we are here for you.


Making decisions can be complicated and confusing. When you need someone to identify resources, create a plan and coordinate care, let us be abridge for you and your family.

Legal Guardian, Power of Attorney or Trustee

Are you a professional advocate, guardian, or special needs trust administrator with an individual under your fiduciary care? 


Your abridge care manager can assist with professional needs evaluation, ongoing care coordination, mediating family dynamics and navigating disease specific challenges.


I am an Aging Senior

When some of the details of daily life are getting to be too much, but you want to remain in your home and maintain your independence, we can help.

 Your abridge care coordinator will connect you with the right services and coordinate the details so everyone, including your family members near or far, are on the same page.

Spousal Caregiver

When you are a family caregiver who needs to talk to someone who will listen but not judge, inform but not direct, and offer guidance tailored to your needs, call on us.

We always put you first, focusing on your goals to identify next steps. When care coordination is not required, abridge Caregiver Coaching may benefit you.  


“My father suffered from advanced dementia and my siblings and I were at a loss when forced to make quick, difficult decisions about his care. Abbie Vogt with Abridge Aging Life Care Management was recommended to us and she was a lifesaver! She is extremely knowledgeable about the issues of aging, the services available and the difficulties families may have navigating such emotional, critical decisions. She spent hours on the phone with various agencies, time that I didn't really have as I tried to deal with daily life with Dad. She sorted out all our options and listened to our opinions and concerns, allowing us to make informed decisions for him. The last few weeks of his life would have been traumatic and frustrating without having Abbie to coordinate with different services involved. We were able to experience quality time with Dad in his last days while she handled all the details. 


Dealing with aging parents can be difficult and overwhelming. Don't go it alone! Call Abbie. She is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable about aging life management.” 

—  Daughter in Athens

Abbie with 90 year old grandparents.jpg


Abbie Vogt MS, CMC

Abbie has been an Advanced Professional member of the nationally recognized Aging Life Care™ Association since 2013 & is Care Manager Certified through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. ​

Abbie began her career working as a caregiver for the elderly & other-abled in her teens while studying Gerontology.


Since then, her cumulative professional experience in the field of aging services has placed her in numerous settings, including hospice, assisted living, dementia care, special needs care and home care administration. In addition to her professional experience, her personal experiences give her a comprehensive understanding of aging and disability care needs. 


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